This Goodman air conditioner review will examine the brand’s models, efficiency ratings, features, prices, warranty, and more.

Average Price: $2200 – $3500

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Good: Goodman sticks to what they know, and that is how to manufacture a quality product within a reasonable price point, making them a well known and highly regarded brand in the Economy-priced brand tier. Goodman’s lineup of high-efficiency air conditioners doesn’t have the frills of their competitors when it comes to innovative technologies, however they more than make up for that in pricing and warranty protection. Staying true to their brand, they stand behind their products which are both durable and reliable. Their shining star is the premium warranty package that they offer DSXC16 and DSXC18, which includes a limited lifetime compressor warranty. They understand the importance of protecting your high-efficiency air conditioner investment and their warranty outshines much of their competition.

Want: As mentioned above, if you are looking for a high-efficiency central air conditioner with many features Goodman is not the brand for you. A great addition to their premium models would be some additional innovative technologies to enhance the overall function of their products. That said, many consumers are more than happy to forego the extras for their fantastic price and warranty.

What Consumers Are Saying: Falling within the economy-priced brand tier, Goodman is a consumer favourite. Many consumers are impressed by Goodman’s craftsmanship and how well made their central air conditioner units are. Quiet operation and better efficiency than older replacement models resulted in reduced energy bills, a happy surprise for consumers looking to save on home cooling.

The Bottom Line: There’s a reason Goodman has become a household name for many Canadians. They are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a quality cooling system, with moderate to high efficiency, at an economical price. Good value and cost effective solutions will continue to keep Goodman at the top of their tier, when it comes to being an economy-priced brand that many consumers count on to solve their home cooling needs.

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Final Score: 8/10













Detailed Review

Efficiency/SEER –  8/10

When researching new, high-efficiency central air conditioner units, many Canadians worry that it is simply out of reach. Goodman’s selection of units with a range between 13-18 SEER ensures that they can accommodate the majority of Canadians residential cooling needs and budgets. At 13 SEER, the minimum SEER level in Canada, the GSX13 and GSC13 offer an entry-level efficient cooling. Consumers will see some energy savings with 13 SEER, particularly when updating their old 10 SEER models which are relatively inefficient. Of course the higher the SEER rating, the greater efficiency but 13 SEER is a good choice when working with a limited budget.

Efficiency Breakdown:

  • 1/3 of Goodman high-efficiency air conditioners are ENERGY STAR certified
  • 100% of Goodman’s air conditioner models meet or exceed the minimum 13 SEER required in Canada
  • The DSXC16 and DSC18 are Goodman’s only ENERGY STAR certified high-efficiency central air conditioner models

Innovative Technology and Additional Features – 7/10

Goodman is not well known for their innovative technologies, choosing to focus instead on providing consumers with favourable pricing and warranty protection.

Innovative Technologies included:

  • ComfortNet™ Communication System – only available with Goodman’s high-efficiency DSXC16 and DSXC18 models.
  • ComfortAlert™

Additional Features:

  • Galvanized steel – durable construction for increased reliability

Pricing –  9/10

Goodman high-efficiency central air conditioners run between $2200 – $3500, which places them in the Economy-priced brand tier. When estimating price, it’s important to note that the higher the SEER the more expensive the unit, so if you are interested in the DSXC18 model at 18 SEER you can expect to pay approximately $3500+.

Price vs. Value:

Goodman gets an A+ when it comes to price vs. value. With a price range of $2200 – $3500 they are one of the most affordable brands of high-efficiency central air conditioners available in Canada. Price, coupled with their extensive warranty package makes Goodman tough to beat in this category.

Scroll compressor/Condenser fan motor –  8/10

Goodman’s high-efficiency central air conditioner product lineup features Single Stage, Two Stage and Variable Speed options. When weighing your choices it’s important to consider scroll compressor/condenser fan motor because it factors into other important considerations like energy efficiency and operational noise.

Options available:

  • Two Stage – the DSXC16 model is Goodman’s only Two Stage high-efficiency central air conditioner. ENERGY STAR certified, the Two Stage performance allows consumers to enjoy more energy savings than its Single Stage counterparts. Not as efficient as the Goodman DSXC18 variable speed, high-efficiency air conditioner, it is a perfect compromise for many consumers seeking a moderate to high efficiency central air conditioner.
  • Single Stage – the most popular compressor operation for Goodman with 4 of their central air conditioners featuring Single Stage operation models. The on/off feature of a Single Stage central air conditioner is less efficient than the Two Stage models. However, it is a more cost effective cooling solution, making it attractive to budget conscious buyers when it comes to initial investment in a high-efficiency central air conditioner.
  • Variable Speed – with a variable speed fan motor, the DSXC18 model is the highest efficiency model that Goodman offers consumers at 18 SEER and ENERGY STAR certified. The fan motor’s ability to speed up or slow down in response to temperature enables it to use energy more efficiently. This feature, does however come with a higher price tag for your initial investment, topping out at approximately $1000, more expensive than Goodman’s introductory 13 SEER models. The energy savings over time that consumers will receive from an 18 SEER makes it worthwhile, if you have additional room in your budget.

Noise –  7/10

When you purchase a Goodman high-efficiency central air conditioner you can expect operational noise to run anywhere between 71-77 decibels. Always check to the decibels of the model you’re interested in prior to purchase to ensure that it has quiet operational noise. Typically Single Stage high-efficiency central air conditioners tend to be noisier because are constantly running in order to cool your home. Two Stage and Variable Speed central air conditioners are quieter because they are responsive to temperature.

Warranty –  9/10

Goodman boasts impressive warranty coverage, particularly considering they fall into the economy-priced brand tier. Although for consumers familiar with the Goodman brand, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise, given their commitment to manufacturing quality HVAC products consumers can count on. Their notable, lifetime compressor limited warranty available for their premium-efficiency models is a huge feature that sets them apart from the comparables in the economy brand tier, and surpasses that of even the mid-range priced and premium priced brand tiers. Goodman stands behind their products and the longevity of their warranty protection proves it.

Warranty Breakdown:

  • 5 year limited parts warranty protection for Goodman’s entry-level efficient 13 SEER, GSX13 model
  • Mid-Range and Premium efficiency models enjoy 10 years limited parts warranty coverage
  • Premium efficiency models have the added benefit of limited lifetime compressor warranty protection.

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Goodman Central A/C Model Breakdown & Comparison

Enjoying 32 years in the HVAC industry, Goodman has proven their dedication to customer service by providing quality, well crafted high-efficiency central air conditioners that are affordable. With options ranging from 13-18 SEER, Goodman provides Canadians with a range of cooling solutions to fit a variety of budgets.

Goodman’s Economy Central Air Conditioners

These entry-level efficiency central air conditioner units by Goodman include Single Stage operation. Meeting the minimum SEER available in Canada they are a great option for consumers looking at reducing their energy costs or upgrading from an older inefficient SEER, at a more affordable entry price.

Model NumberSEERBTU
GSX131318,000 – 60,000

Economy Tier Warranty Coverage:

Goodman provides consumers with the following limited warranty coverage plans:

  • GSC13 – 5 year parts
  • GSX13 – 10 year parts

Goodman’s Mid-Range Central Air Conditioners

Both of the Goodman mid-range models feature Single Stage operation. With a SEER range of 14-16, Goodman mid-range tier models provide consumers with a  moderate-high efficiency cooling unit.

Model NumberSEERBTU
GSX141418,000 – 60,000
GSX161618,000 – 57,000


Mid-Range Tier Warranty Coverage: Consumers will receive 10 year limited warranty coverage on parts with their purchase of Goodman’s entry (GSX14) and mid range-efficient (GSX16) central air conditioner models.

Goodman’s Premium High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

Goodman premium-tier models feature Two Stage operation (DSXC18) for greater energy efficiency in your home cooling. This is the only model tier that features innovative technologies. DSXC18 and DSXC16 both feature ComfortNet™, and ComfortAlert™technology. The Goodman DSCX18 ECM motor enjoys the benefits of variable speed, to respond to even the smallest of temperature changes, providing consumers with a cool and consistent temperature throughout their home.

Model NumberSEERBTU
DSXC181835,000 – 57,000
DSXC161624,000 – 60,000


Premium Tier Warranty Coverage

Goodman’s premium tier models in include the 10 year limited parts warranty coverage seen in the mid-range tier in addition to the following 10 year limited warranty:

  • unit
  • Lifetime compressor

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