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Goodman Air Conditioner Review and Buying Guide 2019

(Updated for 2019)

Your complete Goodman air conditioner buying guide, including top models, prices, SEER ratings, features, warranty info, and more. Get your free quote quickly & easily!

By providing you with this comprehensive guide, we hope to help you decide if a Goodman air conditioner is the right choice for your home. By allowing you to learn about the Goodman brand as well as their prices, warranties, and additional unique features, you’ll have everything you need to make an informed decision.

Goodman Air Conditioners, At a Glance

Strong Points

Goodman once again demonstrates why they’re considered one of the most trustworthy economy-priced brands on the market. Their selection of air conditioners are energy-efficient and backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties you’ll ever find. Goodman’s selection of air conditioners illustrates just what they do best: creating reliable, high-quality products that are dedicated to delivering the utmost in home comfort.

Room For Improvement

Regardless of all the praise, Goodman does reveal its true economy-based colours by coming up short in a couple of categories. Primarily, the brand’s selection of energy-efficient air conditioners is rather small. They offer a handful of quality products at a welcoming price point, but they don’t have any options that go above and beyond.

For budget-minded consumers, their air conditioners will be sure to please. However, for those seeking a unit that’s able to exceed expectations and bring a wealth of innovations to the table, Goodman might not be the brand for you.

The Bottom Line

Altogether, Goodman’s selection of high-efficiency air conditioners, although limited, is awe-inspiring. They might not have a variable-speed option that’s able to achieve an excellent SEER performance rating like some of their competitors, but Goodman makes up for it by sticking true to their strengths.

If you’re looking for a no-frills air conditioner that features world-class engineering and craftsmanship, all the while covered by an outstanding warranty, then look no further than Goodman.

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General Price Range for Goodman Air Conditioners

$2,200 – $3,500 (with installation)

Several local and seasonal factors may influence the final price of your Goodman air conditioner along with these additional factors:

  • Unit size and BTU cooling output
  • Where you live (rural versus urban, HVAC competition in the area, licensing requirements in your city or town, etc.)
  • Efficiency rating
  • Installation complications
  • Current deals or promotions
  • Energy efficiency or other rebates

Introduction to the Goodman Air Conditioner Series

Good – Economy-Level

Goodman’s economy-level offerings are truly dependable with their energy-efficient single-stage compressors. These are perfect for those Canadian homeowners who are looking for a budget-friendly air conditioner to keep their house cool.

Better – Mid-Range

With SEER efficiency ratings of up to 16, the selection of mid-range air conditioners from Goodman is reliable and efficient. And with sound levels as low as 72 decibels, these models will deliver you comfort in peace.

Best – Premium

Featuring a high-quality Copeland(R) two-stage Ultratech(TM) scroll compressor, Goodman’s selection of premium air conditioners are certain to impress. These ENERGY STAR-certified units achieve SEER ratings of up to 19 which will undoubtedly keep your home comfortable in the summer heat.

Comparison of Goodman’s Top Models


The premium Goodman GSXC18 is one of the most energy-efficient air conditioners available from the brand’s selection of products. The ENERGY STAR-certified SEER efficiency rating of up to 19 guarantees that you’ll enjoy long-term comfort and savings.


SEER – Up to 18
Sound – 71 dB
Air conditioner type – Two-Stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Premium


Featuring the Copeland(R) two-stage UltraTech(TM) scroll compressor. The Goodman GSXC16 is an impressive offering. This air conditioner has ENERGY STAR-certification thanks to its superior cooling ability and ecologically-minded design.


SEER – Up to 16
Sound – 71 dB
Air conditioner type – Two-stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Premium


Backed by Goodman’s comprehensive warranty, the GSX16 air conditioner is an adaptable mid-range option from the brand. It’s whisper-quiet single-speed condenser promises that you’ll receive reliable cooling with total comfort.


SEER – Up to 16
Sound – 72 dB
Air conditioner type – Single-stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Mid


With a SEER efficiency rating of up to 15, the mid-range Goodman GSX14 is yet another high-quality air conditioner available to those on a budget. Its energy-efficient performance will create potential savings in the long run while keeping you comfortable in the short-term.


SEER – Up to 15
Sound – 72 dB
Air conditioner type – Single-Stage
Tier – Mid


As the brand’s most affordable option, the Goodman GSX13 is an excellent air conditioner for any budget-conscious consumer. This unit can provide reliable cooling comfort with its SEER performance rating of up to 14.


SEER – Up to 14
Sound – 73 dB
Air conditioner type – Single-stage
Tier – Low

Exclusive Goodman Features

1. ComfortBridge™ Technology

By relocating the communications technology from the thermostat directly into the air conditioner, Goodman’s ComfortBridge™ technology aims to maximize the performance of your cooling system. This innovation allows for automatic precision adjustments to minimize the amount of energy spent while offering more flexibility and comfort.

2. Copeland(R) Ultratech™ Scroll Compressor

The energy-efficient two-stage Copeland®️ UltraTech™ scroll compressor provides improved temperature and humidity control for your home. It allows for precise control to deliver superior and consistent cooling comfort.

3. ComfortAlert™ Diagnostics

This breakthrough ComfortAlert™ diagnostics system allows for simple troubleshooting of air conditioning issues. This helpful addition will provide faster service and reduced callbacks to give you complete peace-of-mind.

Important Warranty Information

Although Goodman falls within the economy-priced brand tier, they pride themselves on offering some of the most comprehensive warranty available. However, given their commitment to delivering high-quality HVAC products, this should come as no surprise.

Entry-level and mid-range Goodman air conditioners receive a limited 10-year warranty on parts while premium level models are covered by an additional limited 10-year unit replacement warranty as well as a limited lifetime warranty on the compressor.

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The Goodman Manufacturing Company was formed in 1975 by none other than Harold V. Goodman. For over 40 years, Goodman has been producing high-quality heating and cooling systems with the customer in mind. With a warranty coverage that can give you complete peace-of-mind, Goodman is considered an incredibly trustworthy economy-tier brand with products in which you can believe.

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