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Daikin Air Conditioner Review and Buying Guide 2019

(Updated for 2019)

Your complete Daikin air conditioner buying guide, including top models, prices, SEER ratings, features, warranty info, and more. Get your free quote quickly & easily!

Upgrading your air conditioner can save you money by reducing your energy consumption, improve the air quality in your home, make your home more comfortable by providing more even temperature control, and increase the control you have over your cooling system. But there are hundreds of makes and models to choose from, and determining which one is right for your home requires time and research.

For that reason, we’ve put together this convenient guide that will tell you everything you need to know about Daikin air conditioners, the different models that are available, great features to look for, and more.

Daikin Air Conditioners, At a Glance

Strong Points

Daikin is a mid-range brand, so that means you can find an affordable cooling option even among their premium and mid-tier models. They have a wide selection of air conditioners to choose from, and they’re all designed for durability, reliability, and energy efficiency. Daikin also offers some of the best warranties in the business, so you can rest easy knowing your investment is covered.

Room For Improvement

Daikin focuses most of their energy on building lasting and high-quality cooling products, but as a result they don’t pay much attention to new technologies, additional features, and innovative systems the way some HVAC manufacturers do. While this translates to more affordable cooling systems, it also means the company is lacking some of the trendy and cutting-edge features that some customers are really drawn to.

The Bottom Line

A Daikin air conditioner is an excellent choice if your main goals are reliability, quality, and affordability. They also have some great energy-efficient options, but their cooling systems don’t have most of the new features and technologies that some manufacturers are offering. However, Daikin stands behind their products with a great warranty, and even their low-tier models come with great coverage.

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General Price Range for Daikin Air Conditioners

$2,300 and $6,000 (with installation)

But in the end, a number of factors could impact the final cost of your air conditioner. For one thing, installation costs typically range from $500 to $1,000, so be sure to shop around if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly quote. Other factors that will impact the cost of your unit include:

  • Unit size and BTU cooling output
  • Where you live (rural versus urban, HVAC competition in the area, licensing requirements in your city or town, etc.)
  • How much your HVAC technician charges for installation
  • Efficiency rating
  • Installation complications
  • Energy efficiency or other rebates
  • Warranty terms (the best warranties usually come with the more expensive premium models)

Introduction to the Daikin Air Conditioner Series

Good – SN Series

Daikin’s low-tier air conditioners are the SN series models, which are budget-friendly cooling systems that don’t require you to sacrifice reliability and quality for the sake of a lower price point. These models are built to withstand the elements, including the sun and the cold, but they’re also designed for quiet operation. With SEER ratings between 14 and 16, you can also expect lower energy bills thanks to the higher efficiency (versus older units).

Better – SA Series

The mid-range models in Daikin’s line are the SA series air conditioners, which also have SEER ratings between 14 and 16, but come with better warranty terms than the low-tier models. These units can also be paired with advanced diagnostics and monitoring tools to keep your cooling system working optimally and alert you to potential problems and maintenance issues.

Best – VC and TC Series

Daikin has quite a few options in their premium tier, including the models in the VC and TC series. Along with offering the best warranty coverage and highest energy efficiency ratings (between 16 and 23), these models also have the most available features. Daikin’s premium models are compatible with advanced diagnostics systems, and can also be paired with the ComfortNet Communicating System, which allows for advanced temperature control and smart energy use.

Comparison of Daikin’s Top Models

Daikin Fit

The Daikin Fit is a compact cooling system that’s easy to install, can be connected to existing duct systems, and is perfect for smaller homes and spaces. It’s at once affordable and durable, and thanks to the variable-stage compressor, it can keep your home cooler while also saving you money on energy costs. Plus, the self-diagnostic control board makes maintenance, troubleshooting, and upkeep a breeze.

Daikin Fit

SEER – 18
Air conditioner type – Variable-Speed
Tier – Premium


The DX20VC is the highest efficiency air conditioner in Daikin’s line, with a SEER rating of 23, earning it the ENERGY STAR most efficient 2019 award. This variable-speed model is compatible with the ComfortNet Communicating System, is designed for quiet operation, and has a special powder-paint finish that increases the unit’s durability and protects it from UV rays.


SEER – 23
Air conditioner type – Variable-Speed
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Premium

DX18TC and DX16TC

While still premium models in Daikin’s product line, the DX18TC and DX16TC are more affordable options that still have great efficiency ratings and even temperature control thanks to the two-stage compressor. Like Daikin’s other models, the DX18TC and DX16TC are designed for quiet performance and durability, and they’re also compatible with the ComfortNet system and Copeland CoreSense for advanced diagnostics.


SEER – 19
Air conditioner type – Two-stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Premium


SEER – 16
Air conditioner type – Two-stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Premium

DX16SA and DX14SA

Two of Daikin’s mid-range models are the DX16SA and DX14SA, which have SEER ratings of 16 and 15, respectively. They’re both equipped with standard single-stage compressors and single-speed fans, in-line filter driers, and sound-control tops for quiet and reliable cooling. Both models are designed to withstand the elements, and both are compatible with the Copeland CoreSense advanced diagnostics and monitoring technology.


SEER – 16
Air conditioner type – Single-Stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Mid


SEER – 15
Air conditioner type – Single-Stage
Tier – Mid


One of the most affordable and still efficient air conditioners in the Daikin line is the DX14SN, which has a SEER rating of 15. It’s also equipped with an energy-efficient single-stage scroll compressor, meaning it’s quieter and more durable than an air conditioner with a standard compressor.


SEER – 15
Air conditioner type – Single-stage
Tier – Low

Exclusive Daikin Features

1. Daikin Inverter Technology

The Daikin inverter system is an energy-saving technology that also provides your home with steadier temperatures. Unlike traditional single-stage compressors and newer two-stage compressors, the inverter technology continuously controls the compressor’s motor speed, so the cooling system is always working to keep your home at the perfect temperature.

2. ComfortNet Communicating System

This handy technology is always monitoring your cooling system for performance and potential problems, which are displayed on the touchscreen control. You can also use this communication system to customize your temperature settings, control humidity, and increase the efficiency of your cooling system.

Important Warranty Information

We’ve mentioned Daikin’s great warranty several times already, so now it’s time to give you more information about the details. Every Daikin air conditioner comes with the company’s standard 12-year parts limited warranty, which is longer than what’s offered by many other HVAC manufacturers, especially for lower-tier cooling units.

Mid-range models come with an additional six-year unit replacement limited warranty, and premium models are all covered by the parts warranty and a 12-year unit replacement limited warranty. To be eligible for these warranties, you have to register your unit within 60 days of installation.

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Daikin is a Japanese manufacturer of residential HVAC systems and one of the world’s largest air conditioner companies. The company was founded back in 1924, and today they have manufacturing plants all over the world, including right here in North America. Their main focus with cooling systems is creating durable and energy-efficient products that provide reliable comfort during the warm summer months.

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