This Carrier air conditioner review will examine the brand’s models, efficiency ratings, features, prices, warranty, and more.

Average Price: $3200 – $6000

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Good: Carrier is one of the top premium brands available in Canada today. When you’re looking to purchase a higher-efficiency, central air conditioner, they’re often considered one of the best. Carrier impresses consumers with their innovative technologies, low operational noise, and warranty coverage. Their premium tier models offer Carrier’s patented Infinity ® Control technology, which allows consumers to control their home cooling system from the touch of their phone or tablet. Greater control over your high-efficiency central air conditioner means that your energy dollars will be well managed, and you can enjoy greater savings each month.

Want: More innovative technologies seen in Carrier’s mid-range models. Across all brand tiers it’s pretty much a given that we are unlikely to see innovative technologies present in economy models, in order to keep unit price down. That being said, Carrier falls short in innovative technologies amongst their mid-range model tier – Performance Series models. Most brands do offer some degree of innovative technology in at least a couple of their mid-range models that enhances the overall efficiency of the air conditioner.

In Carrier’s case they do offer an innovative technology at this level in their Weather Armour Ultra™, but this technology offers unit protection from the elements in place of enhancement. In fact, you have to go up another level to Carrier’s premium model tier, their Infinity® Series before you see innovative technologies that will have a substantial impact on the overall function of your high-efficiency air conditioner.

The Bottom Line: Carrier has an excellent reputation as a premium brand name, and longstanding history in the HVAC industry for their quality manufacturing and reliable cooling systems. The Infinity® Series models offer their best efficiency, innovative technology, making it a worthwhile investment in your home cooling.

If you’re looking for an economy-priced or mid-range priced model Carrier doesn’t have as much to offer in the way of innovative technologies to those tiers. When you buy an economy-priced or mid-ranged priced Carrier model you are buying the brand name, as they tend to cater to the premium-priced model tier. Comparatively, they don’t offer anywhere near what other mid-range brands offer for economy-priced and mid-ranged price models. Their focus is on their premium models and they exceed customer expectations in that domain.

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Final Score: 7.7/10













Detailed Review

Efficiency/SEER – 8/10

Carrier’s lineup of central air conditioners include entry-level, moderate and high-efficiency models. A 13 SEER Carrier model is an excellent option for those looking to purchase an entry-level efficiency model with strong brand recognition. At 21 SEER, Carrier’s premium model efficiency is considered to be ultra-efficient to combat the humidity of Canadian summer temperatures. Greater than 21 SEER is a bit excessive for our climate.

Efficiency Breakdown:

  • 100% of models meet minimum 13 SEER in Canada
  • 79% of models exceed the minimum SEER
  • 50% of models are ENERGY STAR certified
  • 100% of models in Carrier’s  Infinity ® Series are ENERGY STAR certified

Innovative Technology and Additional Features – 9/10

Carrier prides themselves on their innovative technologies and it shows! Each of their high-efficiency central air conditioners come with a wide selection of innovative technologies.

Innovative Technologies included:

  • Infinity ® Touch Control – allows you to control your high-efficiency central air conditioner remotely from your mobile device.
  • Silencer System II™ – produces lower operational noise by decreasing vibrations
  • Weather Armour Ultra™ – protects your high-efficiency central air conditioner from deteriorating due to corrosion
  • Weather Shield™*
  • Armor Plate™ coil coating*

*additional weather and/or coil protection against the elements for Carrier’s coastal model #24ANB7**C

Additional Features:

  • Cabinet made from durable, galvanized steel
  • Puron ® refrigerant – more ozone friendly
  • Sound blanket – minimizes compressor operation noise

Pricing –  6/10

Situated in the premium-priced brand tier, all of Carrier’s central air conditioner models have a higher price than we’ve seen amongst the economy-priced and mid-ranged priced brand tiers. A new, Carrier high-efficiency central air conditioner will cost Canadian homeowners between $3200 – $6000.

Price vs. Value:

$3200 for a 13 SEER central air conditioner is quite costly when you consider the pricing of the models in the other brand tiers with comparable efficiency levels. Where consumers will get the best value for their money with Carrier is in their premium-model tier. Carrier’s premium models boast greater warranty protection and more innovative technologies. An investment in Carrier’s top, 21 SEER high-efficiency central air conditioner can cost around $5000+. The energy savings of a 21 SEER far exceeds that of a 13 SEER model, so it is a sound investment if your goal is long term savings on your energy bills.

Scroll compressor/Condenser fan motor –  8/10

For consumers interested in the increased efficiency of a Two Stage or Variable speed high-efficiency central air conditioner you will want to take note of Carrier’s premium-model tier, Infinity ® Series. This series is comprised solely of Two Stage and Variable speed models, guaranteeing consumers maximal control over their desired cooling temperature.

Options available:

  • Single Stage – 71% of Carrier’s high efficiency air conditioner models are Single Stage operation with off/on cycles. That includes 100% of the models in their Economy Tier – Comfort Series, and Mid-Range Tier – Performance Series. Only 1 model from their Premium Tier – Infinity® Series is Single Stage.
  • Two Stage – 75% of models in Carrier’s Premium tier Infinity® Series feature two stage operation, making up just 21% of their total high-efficiency air conditioner lineup.
  • Variable Speed – 1 model in Carrier’s Infinity® Series offers 5 stage, Variable Speed operation – offering consumers a premium cooling experience.

Noise –  8/10

With an operational noise range between 56-76 decibels, the operational noise from Carrier high-efficiency central air conditioners is in line with the competition. Carrier understands the importance of a quiet, central air conditioner and they developed their Silencer System II™ to assist with minimizing operational noise. Carrier provides consumers with a quiet, high-efficiency central air conditioner that you can enjoy for years to come.

Warranty –  7/10

Carrier’s optional labour warranty sets it apart from the competition. Unique to Carrier, they are the only brand featured in our 2016 A/C brand reviews that has the option of including a limited labour warranty to your Carrier high-efficiency central air conditioner model.

Warranty Breakdown:

  • limited warranty package offering consumers 10 years parts
  • optional labour warranty available

Carrier’s warranty plan is one that will have you feeling confident that your investment in a high-efficiency air conditioner will be protected in case of part failure.

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Carrier Central A/C Model Breakdown & Comparison

Established in 1902, Carrier is a well respected brand with a long history of innovation and quality manufacturing. They continue to impress consumers with their wide selection of central air conditioners at a variety of efficiency levels.


Carrier’s Economy Central Air Conditioners

Between 13-16 SEER, the Single Stage central air conditioners that make up Carrier’s Comfort Series line provide consumers with a entry level to moderate efficiency level central air conditioner.

Model NumberSEER
24ABC6Up to 16
24AAA5Up to 14
24ACC4Up to 14
24ABB3Up to 13


Economy Tier Warranty Coverage: limited warranty: 10 years parts and optional labour

Carrier’s Mid-Range Central Air Conditioners

Carrier’s Performance Series models feature a Two Stage (24ACB7) and Single Stage central air conditioners between 13-17 SEER, for a low to moderate efficient cool. Two models in this tier are ENERGY STAR certified (24ACB7 and 24ACC6).

Model NumberSEER
24ACB7Up to 17
24ACC6Up to 16
24ACB3Up to 13
24AHA4Up to 14
38HDRUp to 13


Mid-Range Tier Warranty Coverage: offering the same warranty protection as Carrier’s economy model tier

Carrier’s Premium High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

Carrier’s premium model tier is comprised of Single Stage, Variable Speed and Two Stage high-efficiency central air conditioners between 16-21 SEER. All of the models in this tier are ENERGY STAR certified.

Model NumberSEER
24ANB1Up to 21
24VNA9Up to 19
24ANB7Up to 17
24ANB7**CUp to 17
24ANB6Up to 16


Premium Tier Warranty Coverage: featuring the same warranty coverage that is in the economy and mid-range tiers

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