This Bryant air conditioner review will examine the brand’s models, efficiency ratings, features, prices, warranty, and more.

Bryant’s direct competitors in this price bracket includes: Amana, American Standard, and Napoleon.

Average Price: $2900 – $4500

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Good: Reasonable pricing for a mid-range brand tier, focused on energy-efficiency, and quiet operation, Bryant has a lot to offer consumers with their line up of high-efficiency central air conditioners. Canadians can rest assured that Bryant will provide them with a quality manufactured central air conditioner that can provide them with an energy efficient cool.

Want: Bryant would benefit from offering consumers better warranty coverage or at least some distinction between model tiers. Warranty is an important consideration for consumers when they are selecting a high-efficiency central air conditioner. Weak warranty coverage can cost you a sale.

Bryant has a strong competitive edge when it comes to offering consumers a variety of low, moderate and high SEER, low operational noise, Two Stage and Variable Speed options at an affordable mid-range brand price point. Adding additional warranty coverage for components such as the compressor, would just further elevate their brand as a strong competitor in the mid-range priced tier.

The Bottom Line: Bryant is competitive on price, efficiency and operational noise within the mid-range priced brand tier. A good option for those looking for high-efficiency central air conditioners at a reasonable price.

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Final Score: 7.8/10













Detailed Review

Efficiency/SEER – 9/10

Bryant has multiple efficiency options to suit a mid-range budget. You’ll want to take a look at Bryant’s 11 models between 14-21 SEER, across their Legacy Line, Preferred Series and Evolution System of high-efficiency central air conditioners.

Efficiency breakdown:

  • All 11 central air conditioner models manufactured by Bryant meet Canada’s minimum 13 SEER requirement
  • 100% of central air conditioners in the Bryant Evolution® System are 16-21 SEER, for optimal energy savings and high-efficiency cooling.

Innovative Technology and Additional Features – 8/10

Bryant has zoned in on two of consumers greatest wants when it comes to choosing a high-efficiency central air conditioner: temperature and noise control. Bryant offers consumers greater control over their central air conditioner regardless of whether they purchase a model in their economy priced Legacy(™) Line,  mid-range priced Preferred™Series, or premium priced Evolution®  System. The variety of Innovative technologies they offer is sure to impress.

Innovative Technologies included:

  • Perfect Humidity® technology – Bryant’s patented, enhanced humidity control is available in their Preferred™Series and Evolution® System.
  • Evolution ® Connex™ Control – providing consumers with superior control in the Bryant Evolution®  System
  • AeroQuiet System II™- only available in the Bryant Evolution®  System
  • HouseWise™Wi-Fi ® Thermostat – offered with the Preferred™ Series
  • Bryant™Wi-Fi ® Thermostat – found in Bryant’s Legacy™Line models, remote access to adjust your home’s temperature

Additional Features:

  • Solid construction

Pricing –  7/10

A mid-ranged priced brand, the cost of Bryant high-efficiency central air conditioners typically run between $2900 – $4500. This is fairly competitively priced and they stack up fairly evenly against: Amana, American Standard and Napoleon. At the high end, a 21 SEER Bryant high-efficiency central air conditioner is likely to run you at least $4500+.

Price vs. Value:

Bryant provides consumers with good value for their investment. Boasting a wide range of efficiency from entry-level (13 SEER), moderate (16 and 17 SEER) to high (19-21 SEER) consumers will enjoy savings at every price point. Premium models in the Evolution® System feature some of the lowest operational noise available in the mid-range priced brand tier with a range of 56-76 decibels. Competitive in pricing and efficiency, Bryant proves themselves as a mid-range priced brand that consumers can count on to provide them with high-efficiency central air conditioners to beat the heat.

Scroll compressor/Condenser fan motor –  8/10

Bryant’s central air conditioner line up features: Single Stage, Two Stage and Variable Speed operation.

Options available and any special features:

  • Two Stage – When you seek greater temperature control, a Two Stage central air conditioner is the way to go. Bryant has 4 Two Stage central air conditioner models for you to choose from: 127A, 180A, 180B, 187B
  • Single Stage – For those looking for a cost-effective initial investment, Single Stage central air conditioners are typically more affordable due to their manufacturing. Bryant offers the following 6 Single Stage central air conditioner models: 186B, 126B, 123A, 158A, 113A, 116B.
  • Variable Speed – Bryant 189B features Variable Speed operation allowing homeowners to achieve optimal efficiency and cooling.

Noise –  8/10

Bryant high-efficiency central air conditioners offer consumers a quiet home cooling experience with low operational noise. Models range between 56-76 decibels.

Loudest models are single stage cooling – talk about why this makes sense – with only on/off operation. Two Stage and Variable speed have quieter operational noise because there is greater control with fan speeds, etc. so it’s not always going full blast

Warranty –  7/10

Bryant’s manufacturer warranty offers consumers a 10 year limited parts warranty when they purchase a high-efficiency central air conditioner in their Legacy™Line , Preferred™Series or Evolution® System regardless of the cost of your unit, or SEER. Bryant’s warranty coverage, is a bit lacking in comparison to other brands in the mid-range priced tier whose warranty coverage includes additional factors and coverage as you move up from economy, to mid-range to premium-priced models.

A limited 10 year parts warranty is pretty basic when you consider their direct competitors within the same price range include the following, in addition to 10 year limited parts warranty:

  • Amana – premium models are eligible for limited lifetime compressor warranty
  • American Standard – limited 10-12 year warranty coverage for compressor and coil
  • Napoleon – limited 10 year compressor warranty

Warranty Breakdown:

  • Legacy™Line , Preferred™Series and Evolution®  System – each of Bryant’s product lines benefits from a limited 10 year parts warranty protection

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Bryant Central A/C Model Breakdown & Comparison

Established in 1904, Bryant has been meeting the home cooling needs and exceeding expectations of Canadian consumers for more than 100 years. Bryant provides consumers with high-efficiency central air conditioners that feature innovative technologies at every model pricing tier, to enhance humidity control whether you purchase an economy, mid-range or premium-priced model you will be able to enjoy greater control over the comfort of your home.

Bryant’s Economy Central Air Conditioners

All Bryant Legacy™Line  models offer homeowners Single Stage cooling central air conditioners with operational noise between 72-76 decibels, and low to moderate efficiency with 13 and 16 SEER respectively.

Model NumberSEER
116BUp to 16
113AUp to 13


Economy Tier Warranty Coverage: Bryant offers a Limited Warranty coverage on: 10 years parts for all of their Legacy™Line high-efficiency central air conditioner models.

Bryant’s Mid-Range Central Air Conditioners

Bryant Preferred™Series features Single Stage and Two Stage central air conditioner models. At 13-17 SEER, homeowners have a choice of entry-level to moderate efficiency. At 66-74 decibels, these are relatively quiet central air conditioners.

Model NumberSEER
127AUp to 17
126BUp to 16
123AUp to 13
538AUp to 13


Mid-Range Tier Warranty Coverage: Bryant’s mid-range Preferred™Series central air conditioner models will enjoy the same warranty protection as the economy-priced central air conditioners in Bryant’s economy-priced model tier.

Bryant’s Premium High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

With operational noise between 56-70 decibels, the high-efficiency air conditioners in the Bryant Evolution®  System are some of the quietest models available. Enjoy moderate to high efficiency with central air conditioners ranging between 16-21 SEER, giving you a greater return for your investment in energy savings.

Model NumberPrice Range
180BUp to 21
180AUp to 20
189BUp to 19
187BUp to 17
186BUp to 16


Premium Tier Warranty Coverage: All of the models in the Bryant Evolution® System are entitled to the same warranty coverage available to their Legacy™Line and Preferred™Series central air conditioners.

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