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Bryant Air Conditioner Review and Buying Guide 2019

(Updated for 2019)

Your complete Bryant air conditioner buying guide, including top models, prices, SEER ratings, features, warranty info, and more. Get your free quote quickly & easily!

If you’re looking to purchase a dependable Bryant air conditioning unit for your home, this comprehensive article can help. To guide you in your decision, we will provide information on the Bryant brand as well as an overview of their prices, features, and various available options.

Bryant Air Conditioners, At a Glance

Strong Points

As a mid-range priced brand, Bryant offers consumers a lot in the way of high-efficiency central air conditioners. With a wide array of innovative features to add a level of depth and diversity to their products, Bryant places a heavy focus on quiet operation and energy efficiency. Many of their products boast ENERGY STAR certification while remaining relatively affordable for many Canadian homeowners.

Room For Improvement

One area in particular that Bryant suffers when compared to their direct competitors is their warranty coverage. Although many brands opt to offer a more diverse range of coverage based on the tier that you purchase, Bryant chooses to provide a base limited 10-year warranty on parts no matter which model you are buying, regardless of series.

The Bottom Line

Aside from their somewhat lacking warranty coverage, Bryant proves themselves as a powerful mid-range brand. They excel in their energy-efficiency as well as their availability of additional features, all the while promising quiet, reliable comfort for your home.

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General Price Range for Bryant Air Conditioners

$2,900 – $4,500 (with installation)

Manufacturer promotions and deals make it difficult to provide an exact price for Bryant A/C units. Specific considerations, such as the chosen model, the size and location of your home, and additional factors like these can all influence the final price of the installation:

  • Unit size and BTU cooling output
  • Where you live (rural versus urban, HVAC competition in the area, licensing requirements in your city or town, etc.)
  • Efficiency rating
  • Installation complications
  • Current deals or promotions
  • Energy efficiency or other rebates

Introduction to the Bryant Air Conditioner Series

Good – Legacy™ Line Central

Showing a SEER rating of up to 16.5, the Bryant Legacy™ Line of air conditioners promise incredibly cost-effective cooling comfort for your home. This selection of economy-tier units offers quiet single-stage operation that won’t exceed your budget.

Better – Preferred™ Series

Whether you’re searching for a single- or two-stage air conditioning unit for your home, Bryant’s Preferred™ Series offers Canadians a lot of useful options. Their SEER ratings of up to 17 promise that these durable mid-range models provide energy-efficient cooling in even the most humid of Canadian summers.

Best – Evolution® Series

Representing the best of what Bryant has to offer, the Evolution® Series of air conditioners are available in variable-speed as well as single and two-stage offerings. Packed with Bryant’s Evolution® Connex™ Control technology, these premium-tier models can operate with precision from almost anywhere to maximize efficiency for your home.

Comparison of Bryant’s Top Models

Evolution® Series 180B

Representing Bryant’s most energy-efficiency model, the Evolution® Series 180B promises the best in home comfort. Boasting a SEER rating of up to 21 with a quiet 66 dB operation, the 180B employs the majority of Bryant’s most innovative features.

Evolution® Series 180B

SEER – 21
Sound – 66 dB
Air conditioner type – Two-Stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Premium

Evolution® Series 180C

Recognized as one of ENERGY STAR’s most efficient air conditioners of 2019, the Evolution® Series 180C employs an extreme variable-speed compressor to offer an impressively adaptable performance.

Evolution® Series 180C

SEER – 20.5
Sound – 58 dB
Air conditioner type – Variable-Speed
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Premium

Evolution® Series 186B

The most basic model in the Evolution® Series, the 186B is a dependable single-stage air conditioner that can achieve a SEER rating of up to 16. Offering reliable efficiency and quiet operation, the Evolution series guarantees enhanced humidity control during gruelling summer months.

Evolution® Series 186B

SEER – 16
Sound – 68 dB
Air conditioner type – Single-stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Premium

Preferred™ Series 127A

The Bryant Preferred™ Series 127A is the choice for Canadians who are looking to gain great comfort while remaining cost-effective. This two-stage air conditioner will deliver consistent cooling for your whole home.

Preferred™ Series 127A

SEER – 17
Sound – 72 dB
Air conditioner type – Two-Stage
Energy Star rated? Yes
Tier – Mid

Legacy™ Line 116B

Despite being one of Bryant’s economy-tier options, the Legacy™ Line 116B air conditioner offers vast potential savings. This ENERGY STAR-certified unit can achieve a SEER of up to 16 while maintaining quiet operation.

Legacy™ Line 116B

SEER – 16
Sound – 76 dB
Air conditioner type – Single-stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Low

Exclusive Bryant Features

1. DuraGuard™ Plus Protection System

This innovation from Bryant ensures protection for outdoor units, weather-proofing them to promise durability. With an appliance-style fit and finish, DuraGuard™ Plus will keep your unit looking and operating its best.

2. Puron® Refrigerant

Approved by the U.S. EPA as a replacement for R-22, Puron® is an environmentally sound refrigerant designed not to harm the earth’s ozone layer. Used in all Bryant air conditioners.

3. Bryant Housewise™ Wi-Fi® Thermostat

Providing total control for your home’s cooling system, the Bryant Housewise™ Wi-Fi® Thermostat allows Canadians total control to increase potential savings and maximize efficiency.

4. Evolution® Connex™ Control

Available for models in the Evolution® Series, the Connex™ Control is a whole-home thermostat that grants homeowners the greatest amount of precision control for their air conditioning unit. This thermostat offers intelligent Wi-Fi-enabled operation to guarantee 24/7 savings.

Important Warranty Information

The warranty coverage that Bryant offers is a bit lackluster when compared to that provided by their competitors in a similar price range. No matter what series of air conditioning unit you buy from Bryant, you’ll receive the same level of coverage: a limited 10-year warranty on parts.

Meanwhile, other brands such as Amana, Napoleon, and American Standard offer a sliding scale on their warranties to more equally match the level of investment that you’re making.

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Founded in 1904 by namesake Charles Bryant, Bryant has provided expertise in heating and cooling products for over 100 years. With its motto, Whatever It Takes®, the brand continuously proves its ability to design and manufacture impressively high-quality HVAC systems for your home.

Creating products that Canadians can rely on with service they can trust, Bryant has many offerings throughout their mid- and premium-tier selections that achieve ENERGY STAR certification.

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