This American Standard air conditioner review will examine the brand’s models, efficiency ratings, features, prices, warranty, and more.

Average Price: $2800 – $4500

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Good: American Standard’s long history and strong reputation for manufacturing high quality and durable cooling systems has made them a leader in the Canadian mid-range brand tier for high-efficiency air conditioners.

They’ve demonstrated great focus on providing many options for consumers, evidenced by their wide selection in all 3 pricing tiers, with 40 models to choose from, across 3 price ranges. The vast selection of models ensures Canadians will certainly find something that is tailored to their home’s cooling requirements and budget.

Want: It would be great to see American Standard increase their warranty plan for their scroll compressor to be in line with comparable models in other brands, like Amana and Goodman’s lifetime limited warranty.

The Bottom Line: American Standard offers consumers quality and innovation with their lineup of high-efficiency air conditioners at an affordable price. Maxing out at 21 SEER, American Standard doesn’t offer any ultra-premium efficiency models, choosing to focus their energy instead on developing a wide range of moderate to high-efficiency models. This focus works well for us as it’s the perfect range to keep us cool during summertime in Canada.

Their long history makes them a brand Canadians can trust for their HVAC needs.

American Standard’s long history makes them a brand Canadians can trust for their HVAC needs. For more details fill out our online form to receive your free quote.

Final Score: 8/10













Detailed Review

Efficiency/SEER –  9/10

American Standard caters to a wide range of SEER efficiencies from the entry level 14 up through the ENERGY STAR certified, premium-efficiency 21 SEER.

Efficiency Breakdown:

  • 100% of American Standard’s high-efficiency air conditioner models are above Canada’s minimum SEER standard.
  • 22 out of 40 models are Energy Star certified

With 55% of their high-efficiency products ENERGY STAR certified, American Standard has responded to the needs of Canadians to manufacture high-efficiency air conditioners that will assist them with reducing their ever rising energy bills. It’s a competitive advantage that distinguishes the American Standard brand.

Innovative Technology and Additional Features –  8/10

Known for innovation, American Standard is continually developing technologies that will improve the overall cooling ability of their high-efficiency units in order to provide Canadians with more control over their home comfort.

Innovative Technologies:

  • AccuComfort™ – this intuitive technology allows American Standard’s air conditioners to adjust fan motor speed
  • Acculink™ – built in communicating system that monitors all of your air conditioner’s parts so that they are working efficiently to cool your home.
  • SpineFin™ coil – protects your coil from corrosive elements while also enabling a more efficient operation
  • Duration™compressor – providing you with a consistent cool through the action of small adjustments
  • SemaGuard™ rust resistant screws – standard across all models

American Standard’s innovative technologies can be seen in the following model tiers: .

Additional Features:

  • Sound insulation – reduces operational noise
  • Steel panel construction – provides increased durability
  • Variable speed option for American Standard premium Platinum 20 and Platinum 18 series – increased control over temperature and greater energy savings

Pricing –  7/10

Canadian homeowners can expect to pay between $2800 – $4500 for an American Standard air conditioner.

Price vs. Value:

American Standard is an overachiever when it comes to price vs. value. Boasting one of the most generous price points in the middle range brand tier, you will be hard pressed to find a comparable price amongst their direct competitors. In fact their price point, is typically seen amongst brands in the Economy brand tier.

Offering more than minimum SEER requirements, and innovative technologies in their higher SEER models they are an excellent investment for consumers looking for a combination of innovative technology and affordability.

Scroll compressor/Condenser fan motor –  8/10

When researching which American Standard high-efficiency central air conditioner model is right for you, you will want to pay close attention to its scroll compressor and condenser fan motor.

Options available:

  • Two Stage – 20% of American Standard high-efficiency air conditioner models (Gold 17 series). High and low stages allow consumers to enjoy greater energy savings.
  • Single Stage – 70% of American Standard high-efficiency air conditioner models (Silver 16, 14 and 13 series). With traditional on/off operation, Single Stage models tend to operate at a moderate efficiency level. Perfect for those who want an entry point into a high efficiency central air conditioner with some energy savings, without the added expense that comes from the Two Stage, and Multi-Stage and Variable Speed models.
  • Multi-Stage and Variable Speed – 10% of American Standard high-efficiency air conditioner models (AccuComfort™Variable Speed Platinum 18 and 20 series). This series yields the greatest energy savings for consumers.
  • Notable Feature – Duration™compressor technology varies across all models.

Noise –  8/10

Operational noise is typically not as high up on consumers minds in comparison to the big three: price, efficiency and warranty. However, operational noise is a category worth noting in order to fully enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of a noisy air conditioner.

American Standard central air conditioners have an operation noise level in a range between 57-75 decibels. American Standard premium high-efficiency air conditioners in the Platinum 20 and Platinum 18 series are amongst their quietest with a range of 57-75 decibels. Their mid-range high-efficiency models in their Gold 17 series and Silver 16 series feature a range of 72-74 and 71-74 decibels respectively. Finally, we see a range of 72-73 and 71-75 decibels in American Standard economy-efficiency models Silver 14 and Silver 13 series.

You’ll notice that the higher you move through their model tiers the greater the range in operational noise, and quieter the high-efficiency central air conditioners become.

So if you find yourself stuck between two models that are comparable on price, warranty and efficiency, central air conditioner operational noise measured in decibels, makes a good tie breaker.

Warranty –  8/10

American Standard offers reasonable warranty packages to protect your high-efficiency air conditioner.

Warranty Breakdown:

  • Depending on tier consumers are getting 10-12 years of coverage on compressor, internal parts and coil.

Compressor coverage is an important warranty protection to have, and not one that is offered by all brands. With 10-12 years of protection, they offer better coverage than many of their comparables in their mid-range priced brand tier. However, in comparison to Amana and Goodman’s lifetime limited compressor warranty plan, American Standard falls short.

Important to note: consumers must register their high-efficiency American Standard air conditioner within 60 days of purchase in order to qualify for the full warranty coverage that’s available. Failing to do so will reduce your warranty coverage.

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American Standard Central A/C Model Breakdown & Comparison

American Standard has been fulfilling the HVAC needs of Canadians for more than a century. With 40 models of air conditioners at a variety of price points, they are able to meet every budget.For a mid-range brand, American Standard features an impressive range of innovative technologies to enhance your cooling experience.

American Standard’s Economy Central Air Conditioners

American Standard high-efficiency models in this tier offer Single Stage operation, and entry level efficiency for a quiet, affordable and reliable residential cooling.

Silver 14 Air Conditioner

Model NumberSEER
4A7A4018Up to 16
4A7A4024Up to 16
4A7A4025Up to 16
4A7A4030Up to 16
4A7A4031Up to 16
4A7A4036Up to 16
4A7A4037Up to 16
4A7A4042Up to 16
4A7A4043Up to 16
4A7A4048Up to 16
4A7A4060Up to 16

Sizing Available: 1.5-5 tonnes

Silver 13 Air Conditioner

Model NumberSEER
4A7A3018Up to 14.5
4A7A3024Up to 14.5
4A7A3030Up to 14.5
4A7A3036Up to 14.5
4A7A3042Up to 14.5
4A7A3048Up to 14.5
4A7A3060Up to 14.5

Sizing Available: 1.5-5 tonnes

Economy Tier Warranty Coverage*: American Standard’s economy models include a 10 year limited coil and internal parts warranty.

American Standard’s Mid-Range Central Air Conditioners

Offers 4 multi-stage cooling models, all models are Energy Star certified, Spine Fin™ coil, Duration™ compressor, quiet levels of operating noise.

Gold 17 Air Conditioner

Model NumberSEER
4A7A7024Up to 18
4A7A7036Up to 18
4A7A7048Up to 18
4A7A7060Up to 18

Sizing Available: 2-5 tonnes

Silver 16 Air Conditioner

Model NumberSEER
4A7A6018JUp to 17
4A7A6024JUp to 17
4A7A6030JUp to 17
4A7A6036JUp to 17
4A7A6042JUp to 17
4A7A6048JUp to 17
4A765049JUp to 17
4A7A6060JUp to 17
4A7A6061JUp to 17

Sizing Available: 1.5-5 tonnes

Mid-Range Tier Warranty Coverage*: American Standard Silver 16 series high-efficiency air conditioners enjoy the same warranty protection of their Gold 17 series with the addition of limited 10 year compressor protection.

American Standard’s Premium High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

American Standard’s premium high-efficiency air conditioner models include Variable Speed, Multi-Stage operation.Featuring innovative technologies, quiet operation and more, they represent the best of American Standard’s home cooling systems.

AccuComfort™Variable Speed Platinum 20 Air Conditioners

Model NumberSEER
4A7V0024AUp to 21
4A7V0036AUp to 21
4A7V0048AUp to 21
4A7V0060AUp to 21

Sizing Available: 2-5 tonnes

AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 18 Air Conditioners

Model NumberSEER
4A7V8024Up to 18
4A7V8036Up to 18
4A7V8037Up to 18
4A7V8048Up to 18
4A7V8060Up to 18

Sizing Available: 1-5 tonnes

Premium Tier Warranty Coverage*: American Standard’s premium models offer the following comprehensive limited warranty plan: 12 years for compressor replacement, 10 years replacement of coil and functional parts.

*Register your unit within 60 days to qualify for full warranty.

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