You may have heard that the quality and reliability factor of a residential heating system is more about the installation and less about the actual name on the unit. While this is true, buyers must still be diligent in researching the gas furnace they are looking at and knowing the level of heating power and unit efficiency they want/need.

This article is specifically geared toward the Heil lineup of gas furnaces and HVAC products, but should offer some guidance even if you have not decided on a brand. Let’s look at Heil furnace prices, and other key buying info.

Heil-FurnacePricing a Heil Gas Furnace

Heil is still considered one of the lower to mid-range gas furnaces in terms of price and that is a good thing because at a certain point, installation really is more important. The average estimated furnace cost for the Heil brand is on average about $2800-3400 in most of Canada. Here are some other factors to consider when examining Heil furnaces as a heating option for your home:

  • How Much Power Does Your House Need – Calculating the square footage of your home is a good way to determine how much heating power it will need. Furnace power is calculated in BTU’s (British Thermal Unit). Expect to need at least an 60,000 – 80,000 BTU system for an average sized home.
  • How Good Is Your Insulation? – The quality of your insulation plays a big role in the recommend BTU output of your furnace. A better insulated home will stay warm longer with a less powerful unit, meaning lower energy costs for you.
  • How Important Is Efficiency To You? – Some people are more concerned with initial cost and not so much about the long-term savings that high-efficiency units are able to offer. It’s all up to you. Do you want to pay more now or do you want to see savings immediately? If long-term savings are not an issue for you (maybe you don’t plan on living in your current house for very much longer) then a Heil gas furnace that operates at 85-90% AFUE may suffice. Though generally, we recommend you choose a model with at least 90% AFUE, and ideally 95%.

Heil Heating Systems & Additional Products

Heil is a company that has dedicated a lot of time and effort into their residential HVAC program. Heil products are designed to work in tandem with each other. They can be made to complement each other to increase the comfort and efficiency of your power consumption. Aspects like the Observer zoning thermostat system can be paired with a Heil gas furnace to offer the utmost in efficiency.

Anytime you bundle a new furnace with a new AC, you might be able to get a combo deal. The company also makes several different kinds of HVAC products so you can conceivably fill your home with all Heil HVAC products whether you need heating or cooling and they can all work together to enhance your long-term energy-efficiency savings.

Heil makes air purifiers, fan coils, evaporator coils, central air conditioning units, ductless systems, heat pumps, gas furnaces and these can all be controlled precisely with their thermostat system. Packaging with Heil may also be an attractive choice if you are more geared toward convenience and flat pricing.

The Heil Collection of Gas Furnaces

HeilHeil produces three lines of gas furnace. The highest-end, offering the most energy-efficiency is the QuietComfort Deluxe Series. The G9MAE is the only furnace in the QuietComfort Deluxe family that is EnergyStar certified. It delivers an astounding 98% AFUE rating.

The G9MVE features up to 96% AFUE rating and is a dual-stage operating gas furnace for even more efficiency.

The G8MVL, G8MXL and the G8MTL are all very affordable options within the QuietComfort Series. They all reach up to 80% AFUE rating and come in single-stage, dual-stage and multi-speed fan for superior control over humidity and even heating.

Second is the standard QuietComfort Series which features 2 models of EnergyStar certified gas furnaces; the G9MXT and the G9MXE. Both of these models deliver up to 96.2% AFUE ratings and come with varying no hassle limited replacement warranties.

The most affordable group in the Heil collection is the Performance Series which includes the N9MSE, the N9MSB, the N8MXL and the N8MSN. Now the most important thing to note about the Performance series is that it only comes in single-stage motor capacity meaning it is running at full speed at all times. The models with 9’s in the title offer 90%+ AFUE ratings while the ones with 8’s stop short at 80%.

Of course, getting the right price for a Heil gas furnace will depend greatly on exact situation, your home’s features and layout, the current unit that’s in place, and so on. However you should expect to get a fairly reasonable price from Heil. To find out more about Heil products and pricing, feel free to fill out the online quote form that we have available right here on our site.

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