Furnace prices for London, Ontario fall in the range of $2500 – $9500.

About London, Ontario

London is located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. It is situated on what is known as the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor. With a population of 366,151 as of 2011, London sits at the forks of the Thames River. It is also about halfway between Toronto Ontario and Detroit. This area was first settled by the Europeans between 1801 and 1804 by a man named Peter Hagerman. During its existence, the city has developed a strong attitude toward education, healthcare, tourism, and the manufacturing industry. The time period between spring and autumn in his region is often very short, and thaws can be expected during the winter. Due to these typical Ontario winters, London furnace prices are generally similar to the province-wide average for mid to high-efficiency systems. On average, this area gets about two meters of snow during a year time period.

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