Kingston’s furnace prices range from $2400 to $9000 including installation depending on the size, model, brand and BTU rating.

About Kingston

Located in Eastern Ontario where the St. Lawrence River flows out of Lake Ontario, Kingston is a Canadian city with a population of about 123,363 residents. On February 15, 1841, Kingston was named as the capital of the province of Canada, though that status has changed during its history, the city still remains a very important military installation. Kingston is also nicknamed the “Limestone City”, mainly because of the many buildings that are constructed using local limestone. Considered a moderate humid continental climate, Kingston usually has cooler summers and harsher winters than most other cities located in Southern Ontario. IT is also one of the most consistently windy cities in Canada, which becomes very apparent anytime that you are near the water. It is because of winters like this that people in Kingston frequently seek to upgrade their furnace to a new gas or propane unit (hopefully at a reasonable price!), especially since the area is susceptible to rather heavy snow fall and an overall cold winter.

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