Furnace prices in Guelph are similar to those in this part of Ontario, between $2500 and $8000.

About Guelph

Guelph, often known as “The Royal City”, is about 28 kilometers west of downtown Ontario and is located in the Southwestern section of Ontario, Canada. As of 2011, the population was estimated at 121,668. When it comes to the top places to live in Canada, Guelph consistently ranks very high with its low crime rates, clean environment, and overall high standard of living, which are probably some of the main reasons that it deserves its nickname. It is also noted as having a low unemployment rate when compared to other areas throughout the country during the 2008-2012. This area is typically susceptible to cooler temperatures than other regions that are along the Great Lakes shorelines, which makes it essential for Guelph residents to compare furnace prices when shopping for a new unit. Known for its warm, humid summers and cold winters, anyone living in this area needs to know how to keep cool in the summer months and stay warm during the winter.

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