Furnace and HVAC prices in Barrie are similar to the Ontario average and range from $2000-$8000 for a new unit, depending on the manufacturer, the efficiency rating and the cost of installation.

About Barrie

On the western shore of Lake Simcoe in Central Ontario, Canada is the city of Barrie. Barrie, though it technically lies in Simcoe County, is a politically independent city with about 136,063 residents according to the 2011 census. However, the Barrie census metropolitan area places the overall population of the city in the 187,013 range. Barrie, which played a major role in the War of 1812, falls within the Greater Golden Horseshoe, which is a densely populated and industrialized region of Ontario. Known not only for its significant amount of heavy thunderstorm activity during the spring and summer, Barrie also experiences moderate winter temperatures. However, do not let these moderate temperatures keep you from researching Barrie furnace prices to find a good deal. You’ll need it because the area typically has an average of about 238 centimeters of snow during the winter months! This is largely because Barrie falls in Ontario’s Snow Belt region.

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