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American Standard Furnace Prices


American Standard offers three distinct models of furnaces: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Silver is considered the lowest tier and Platinum is considered the highest quality of furnace that American Standard manufactures. The energy efficiency or AFUE range across all of their models ranges from 80% to up to 96.5%.

When it comes to pricing, these systems (with installation included), you are looking at a range from $1,750 at the lowest end and up to $13,000 for a very large BTU output unit, with extensive duct work and installation costs. The average price of American Standard furnaces with installation is generally about $2,500 to $4,500 in most large Canadian cities.

Though American Standard is not among the most well-known of brands, a lot of experts consider it to be a fairly good quality brand. Since they are part of the Trane Heating and Cooling Company, their reputation as being a furnace provider is just as sound as Trane.

Their prices actually typically tend to be slightly less costly than Trane products, however. The quality of American Standard’s HVAC systems isn’t quite as high as Trane, but this has not kept it from being a favorite choice among many people.

Most American Standard products come with a standard 10-year warranty.

About American Standard

American StandardFounded in the 1880’s, American Standard helped pioneer clean and affordable heating for residential homes, paving the way for other companies in the heating and cooling industry. Whether you are talking about the earliest cast-iron radiators or today’s highly efficient heating and air conditioning systems that are produced by American Standard, the brand has always been synonymous with providing home comfort.

The company has grown and developed over the years but has maintained its commitment to providing top-notch heating and cooling systems. With over 100 years of building their brand, American Standard has truly set the standard for providing comfort in homes and eagerly look forward to the future to see what happens next.

American Standard Air Conditioner Prices

American-Standard-Air-ConditionerAmerican Standard air conditioners range in price from about $1500 to $2500 and up, not including installation costs which typically add an additional $500 to $1000. The price of the AC depends on the model, the size and output, the efficiency (SEER) rating, and where you live, among other things.

The brand offers comfort and energy efficient air conditioners that can last even on humid and hot days. American Standard showcases its innovative technology in their product line: Platinum, Silver and Gold. Each of these air conditioning systems highlights certain specifications that suit the different needs of consumers.
Platinum ZV Air Conditioning

The Platinum ZV Variable Speed Air Conditioner makes use of the AccuComfort Technology for optimal use and a more efficient speed. In the market, this choice is considered to be one of the most efficient multi-stage cooling units.

• Efficient Multi-stage cooling
• Humidity Control
• Quietest A/C Unit
• Up to 21,000 Seer
• 5 Stars Efficiency Rate
• 12 year limited warranty on compressor
• 10 year limited warranty on outdoor coil and indoor parts

Platinum ZM Air Conditioner

• Equipped with AccuLink Communicating System
• Improved System Refrigerant Charge
• Highly Efficient Air Conditioner with Two Compressors
• Save Up to 60% on Cooling Energy Cost
• Rust Resistant
• 12 Year Limited Warranty on Compressor
• 10 Year Limited Warranty on Internal Parts and Outdoor Coil

Silver XI Air Conditioner

• Durable Central Air Conditioning System
• Single Stage Cooling for Comfort
• Save Up to 40% on Cooling Energy Usage
• Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions
• Durable Compressor
• Rust Resistant
• 10 Year Limited Warranty on Compressor, Coil and Internal Functional Parts
• Option for Additional Extended Warranties

Gold SI Air Conditioner

• Supreme Efficiency
• Offers Comfort with Its Single Stage Cooling
• Quiet Operation
• Save Up to 38% on energy costs
• Economical design
• Ozone-safe
• Rust-resistant design
• 10 year limited warranty on compressor, coil and internal functional parts
• Option for extended warranties

Energy Star Qualified Air Conditioners

American Standard together with EPA works hand in hand to ensure that HVAC systems are efficient. Customers using air conditioners no longer have to worry about high energy costs as the brand labels their air conditioning systems with the Energy Star label.

Air Conditioning Rebates

Having comfort at home does not have to be expensive as the government and the Ontario Power Authority offers rebates of $400 for upgrading your AC to a new high-efficiency model. If you have an energy audit done before and after, you can also qualify for credits and rebates from your local utility.

About American Standard

Being in the industry for over 137 years, American Standards has continuous developed highly innovative products for comfortable living. Eversince the company merged with other highly trusted companies Crane Plumbing and Eljer, the company has gone a long way. Its great legacy has placed the brand as one of the most trusted companies in the industry.

Known for its efficient performance, safe and innovative products, customers can easily choose among a wide array of great products from central air conditioners to other home energy products.

York Air Conditioner Prices

York-Air-ConditionerAs with most air conditioner manufacturers, the prices depend largely on the model you choose, the BTU rating and the efficiency (SEER rating). York has several model lines detailed below, which range in price from about $2100 to $3600 including installation.

With more than 135 years of experience in the industry, York has established its reputation in providing reliable and highly efficient home products. York showcases its central air conditioning systems in their Affinity Series, LX Series and Latitude Series.

York Affinity CZF Air Conditioner

• Up to 16 SEER rating
• Energy Star compliant
• Premium warranty coverage
• QuietDrive system
• Ozone friendly R-410 refrigerant
• Good Housekeeping seal

York Affinity CZH Air Conditioner

• Up to 18 SEER rating
• Energy Star compliant
• Two stage compressor
• QuietDrive system
• Ozone friendly R-410A refrigerant
• Premium warranty coverage
• Good Housekeeping seal

York LX Series YCFJ Air Conditioner

• 14.5 Seer rating
• Energy Star compliant
• Extensive warranty coverage
• R-410 refrigerant
• Maximize space with this unit
• Good Housekeeping seal

York LX Series YCJD Air Conditioner

• Up to 13 SEER rating
• MicroChannel Coil technology
• Extensive warranty coverage
• R-410A refrigerant
• Single phase or three phase
• Good Housekeeping seal

York Latitude TCGF Air Conditioner

• Up to 14.5 SEER rating
• MicroChannel Coil technology
• Extensive warranty coverage
• R-410A refrigerant
• Single phase or three phase
• Good Housekeeping seal

Government Rebates and Incentives

The government and local utility companies offer different incentives in the form of tax credits for upgrading older systems to energy efficient devices. Depending on the location where you are in and the current programs available, you can enjoy different incentives.

York Warranty Coverage

The brand offers extensive warranty coverage. For the affinity series, they offer 10 year limited warranty on parts and 10 year warranty on compressor. For the LX Series, they offer 10 year limited warranty on parts and compressor. The same warranty coverage goes for the Latitude Series.

About York

Founded in 1874, the manufacturing company started out in Pennsylvania. They started out created ice machines which further led to the development of other products. By 1914, the company introduced the so-called air washing which then became air conditioning. To date, the heating and cooling offered by York are widely used in various structures like the Sydney Opera House, Empire State Building, US Capitol and a whole lot more.

Ever since the company started out its manufacturing plant, York has serviced millions of customers all over North America. In choosing York, clients are assured of quality home products to provide comfort and quality living.

Goodman Air Conditioner Prices

Goodman-Air-ConditionerThe central air conditioning systems greatly vary depending on the unit you intend to purchase. Basically, the price ranges in between $2,000 to $3,500. The most energy-efficient models and those with higher output naturally cost the most. In addition to the price of the unit, you also have to include the installation costs.

Built to provide affordable comfort, the central air conditioning systems offered by Goodman can help consumers last even the hottest of days. Their units are known for efficiency, all offered at competitive prices.

Goodman DSXC 18 Air Conditioner

• Up to 18 SEER rating
• R-410A refrigerant
• Two-stage Copeland UltraTech scroll compressor
• Comes with Comfortnet Communication System
• High and loss pressure switches
• AHRI certified and ETL listed
• Quiet operation
• Installed filter drier
• Lifetime compressor limited warranty
• 10 year limited warranty on parts

Goodman DSXC16 Air Conditioner

• Up to 16 SEER Rating
• R-410 refrigerant
• ComfortNet Communication System
• Built-in Comfort Alert diagnostics
• High and low pressure switches
• Installed filter drier
• Two speed condenser
• ETL listed and AHRI certified
• 10 year parts limited warranty

Goodman GSX 16 Air Conditioner

• Up to 16 SEER rating
• R-410A refrigerant
• Efficient scroll compressor
• Liquid refrigerant
• 850 RPM condenser fan motor for quiet operations
• AHRI certified and ETL listed
• Aluminum fin coil finish
• 10 year compressor replacement limited warranty

Goodman GSC13 Air Conditioner

• Up to 13 SEER rating
• R-22 refrigerant
• Efficient compressor
• Installed in-line filter drier
• High-performance condenser coil
• Post-paint finish
• Three bladed fan
• Rated by the Department of Energy
• 5 year limited warranty on parts

Available Government Incentives

Government incentives in the form of tax credits and rebates are available when you are upgrading an older unit to a more efficient one, however there are few rebates available when simply purchasing a new one if you didn’t have one previously. Enbridge and Union Gas may offer additional rebates and credits.

About Goodman

With the quality that comes along with the brand, Goodman has become one of the biggest manufacturers of both residential and commercial air conditioning systems. The main focus of their product is to ensure reliability, comfort and efficiency without the customers paying such a lofty price.

The company was founded by Harold Goodman. Through the standards he set for the company, the brand continues to produce top of the line products from air conditioning, indoor air quality to heating products that showcase long lasting performance and worry free installations. The line of Goodman products also come with hassle free product warranties while at the same time ensuring that the units produced exceed industry’s standards.

Bryant Air Conditioner Prices

Bryant-Air-ConditionerBryant central air conditioner prices, including installation, typically start at $2000 and can go upwards of $3000 for larger and more energy-efficient units.

Indoor comfort is now made more affordable with Bryant’s air conditioning units. Known for their high performance air conditioners, the brand is proud to showcase its quality cooling systems: The Evolution System, Preferred Series and Legacy Line Series.

Evolution System (Model 180A, 180B, 186B, 187B)
• 2 to 5 tons (Puron Refrigerant)
• Energy Star compliant
• Up to 20 SEER/14.7 EER
• Easy System Configuration for Optimal Use
• Microtube Technology Refrigeration System
• Quiet Operation (As Low as 70 dBA)
• Created for Maximized comfort
• Sturdy Design
• 10 Year Compressor Warranty
• 5 Year Parts Warranty
Preferred Series (Model 123A, 126B, 127B, 538A)

• 1 ½- 5 Tons (Puron Refrigerant)
• Up to 16.5 SEER/13.5 EER
• Energy Star Compliant
• Microtube Technology Refrigeration System
• Quietest Operation (Sound Level as Low as 66 dBA)
• Improved 3 Point AeroQuiet System II
• Supported Evolution/Termidistat Control
• Built-in Outdoor Air Temperature Readout
• Scroll Compressor
• Balanced Refrigeration System
• DuraGuard Plus Protection Package
• Robust, Innovative with DuraFlow Louver Design
• 10 Year Compressor Warranty
• 5 Year Parts Warranty

Legacy Line

• 1 ½-5 Tons (Puron Refrigerant)
• Up to 16 SEER/14.5 EER
• Available Indoor Accessories
• Sound Level as Low as 74 dBA
• Available Thermidistat/Standard Thermostat
• Scroll Compressor
• Created for Maximum Reliability
• DuraGuard Protection Package
• 10 Years Compressor Warranty
• 5 Year Parts Warranty
Legacy Line RNC
• 1 ½-5 Tons (Puron Refrigerant)
• Up to 15 SEER/13.2 EER
• Available Indoor Air Quality Accessories
• Quiet Operation (As Low As 76 dBA)
• Thermidistat/Standard Thermostat Controls
• Scroll Compressor
• Filter Drier
• Maximum Reliability
• DuraGuard Protection Package
• 5 Years Compressor Warranty
• 5 Year Parts Warranty

Promotions and Bonus Rebates

The Ontario Power Authority provides a $400 rebate when upgrading from an older air conditioning system to a newer high-efficiency unit. Your local utility may also offer additional rebates or credits.

About Bryant

For more than 100 years, Bryant has become a highly trusted brand by Canadians. The company is a division of UTC Canada Corporation, an affiliate of Carrier Corporation, the global leader of heating and cooling systems. From developing heat pumps, air conditioners to other products, the company guarantees its customers that they only create quality products that meet the standards of their clients. Their air conditioning units are known for its quiet, reliable and highly efficient operations offered at competitive prices.

With the products created and tested to meet industry requirements and exceed customer’s expectations, the brand guarantees its customers that they only get quality cooling systems that are proven to be dependable and energy efficient.

Carrier Air Conditioner Prices

Carrier-Air-ConditionerAs a trusted leading brand in the market, Carrier has a broad variety of air conditioning units that offer style, maximum efficiency, comfort and reliability. Their product line consists of the Infinity Series, Performance Series and Comfort Series. Each of these air conditioning systems are built to last and to cater to the needs of their customers.

Carrier air conditioner prices typically range from $2500 on the low end to $3500 on the high end including installation. If you live in a large city such as Toronto, the increased competition between companies may allow for slightly lower prices.

Infinity Series

Created for comfort, the Infinity Series showcases highly efficient models where you can have up to a SEER rating up to 21. All of the units are Energy Star compliant and they come with 10 year limited warranty on parts. For this series, you can also enjoy up to $650 local rebates.

Infinity 24 ANBI – SEER Rating Up to 21 (HSPF Up to 15)

• Two Stage Scroll Compressor
• Summer Dehumidification
• Quiet Level as Low as 54 dB
• Compressor Sound Blanket

Infinity 24 ANB7 – SEER Rating Up to 18 (HSPF Up to 13.7)

• Two Stage Scroll Compressor
• Summer Dehumidification
• Quiet Level as Low as 69 dB
• Infinity Touch Control

Infinity 24 ANB6 – SEER Rating Up to 17 (HSPF Up to 14)

• Single Stage Compressor
• Quiet Level as Low as 66 dB

Performance Series

Known for its energy efficient and quiet operation, Carrier’s Performance Series highlights compact units that have high SEER ratings. All of the air conditioning systems have single stage scroll compressor and they come with 10 year limited warranty on parts.

Performance Compact 38 HDR – SEER Rating Up to 15.5 ((HSPF Up to 12.5

• Quiet level as Low as 68 dB

Performance Compact 24 ACC6 – SEER Rating Up to 16.5 (HSPF Up to 13.5)

• Quiet level as Low as 72 dB

Performance Compact 24 ACB3 – SEER Rating Up to 15 (EER Up to 12)

• Quiet level as Low as 74 dB
Comfort Series

The brand guarantees comfort and maximum efficiency of your central air conditioning unit with the Comfort Series as they run with single stage compressor. With SEER ratings up to 16.5 and Puron Refrigerant, you can reduce costs and find comfort as these air conditioning systems run quietly.

Comfort 24ABC6 – SEER Rating Up to 16.5 (HSPF Up to 13.5)
Comfort 24ABB3 – SEER Rating Up to 15 (EER Up to 12.2)

Available Grant and Rebates Programs

To have energy saving solutions, there are often government rebates and incentives available to help offset the price of a Carrier central air conditioner. Consumers can just access the website of Natural Resources Canada to get more information and to find if they are eligible for any program.

Warranty Information

In going for a Carrier air conditioner, you are given comprehensive warranty coverage. All products have a 10 year parts limited warranty coverage. Customers also have the option for additional security for a 1 to 10 year warranty coverage for parts only, labour only or for both.

About Carrier

Being a leading global brand, Carrier is considered to be one of the most trusted companies today. From Willis Carrier’s invention of air conditioning way back in 1902, the brand has gone a long way as they have produced highly innovative solutions that meet the daily needs of their customers. In addition to providing reliable and energy saving home products, Carrier is also known to be a global leader in in setting the trend and in addressing environmental problems.

From heating, refrigeration to air conditioning, the brand has established its reputation that offers durability, energy efficient and maximum performance for all their products.